"Grace Upon Amazing Grace"

A Journaling Road to Publication

September 8:  (later in the evening, an email).

Coleene, your REVIEW:
This book chronicles a journey of the author’s struggles with tragedies and losses along her life. 
She relates this journey in prose, poetry, pictures, metaphors, and play lists. 
It is engaging in the realness of her story.  There are many choices in life, however,
the grief and sorrow of loss have yielded a life drawn closer to God as Colleene has chosen to “consider it all joy.”
Choose Joy!

Let me know if this works for you.
 [comment not for the review:  I felt like chapter 41 was not needed.  The book hit a climax with chapter 40 and then lost it for me.
I would not include it or, make it an appendix. Conclude with 40!] for what it’s worth.  Also there still are some edits to spelling, etc.
Even though it was not my task, they jumped off the page.

Thomas G. Matlock
President, Matlock Associates Inc.

September 8 I've been home about 40 min. Stepped outside to water, and in various places in my grass in front of the orange tree, I found this: three separate wings, each in their own space. I searched for the fourth, and found it as well, a little more camouflaged by a leaf. Now, considering what I wrote yesterday (Sept. 7) for my post...This is how God shows up in my life continually. He is amazing, and this butterfly is (was) called a MOURNING cloak by the way, and that is the correct spelling.

Heavenly Wings
But where is the body? Perfected in Glory! 

Thank you Timmy, I love you and miss you still, forever. Thank you God!  

September 7 Third week of my writer's group already! I am trying to finish reading my last 9 chapters to my group because their feedback is essential in my forward motion. Chapter 32 tonight and soon I should be writing query letters...like a salespitch to a publisher: for example: "Grace Upon Amazing Grace," a memoir of pain when your wings are plucked away, torn from your very core, and the discovery of a continum of hope that grows them back again.

August 29  Ok Doug Thomson, I took your advice. I ordered the "Christian Writer's Market Guide. It came Saturday. I saw a few names of publishers I liked.

  •      Comfort Publishing
  •       Everfaith Press
  •       Grace Publishing  
  •     Discovery House
  •     Life Sentence Publications
  •     Northwestern Publishers
What do you think?  

August 22. Picking 5 special mentors, encouragers, men and woman in  service to the Lord ( and to me at some point in my life) to preview my story, I just sent it off to #4.

Psalm 66:16 "Come and hear, (read) all you who fear God, and I will tell what He has done for my soul."

Yes, it makes me excited and nervous, but a good nervous, like Christmas Eve.

August 20 He (Tom Matlock) already finished the first 10 chapters and wants the rest of the book. I am taking this as a good sign.

August 17 Yesterday,  I went to a local office supply, to their copy center. I needed the first 10 chapters printed to give to someone who is previewing my story. I told her it was named on the flash drive, 1-10. She found it and said,

"OH, Grace Upon Amazing Grace?"
"Yes, that's the one."
It was about 65 pages, so she told me how much per page...color was extra. I may have had 2 pictures...
She starts the conversation while we're waiting for it to load and print.
"Amazing Grace, that was my Grandma' s favorite song. What is this?"
I carefully began to tell her in a few words what it was about. She asked more questions, bold one she was, but so considerate of my willingness to share.
She teared up and just wanted to talk, and I could see something in her that stirred up a longing for peace, or maybe love and loss. She carefully put the  copies in a box, 2 sets I decided on, and I proceeded to pay.
The amount was wrong, wrong by less than 1/2. I brought it to her attention, and she teared up again and smiled, giving me the "upon grace" part. I reached over and gave her a hug across the counter, sharing a few more words of hope. Now, I get to deliver the first 10 to one of the most influential Bible teachers and admired people I know, who were so present in those first 10 chapters, in so many ways, the Matlocks, Tom Matlock. God continues to go before me.

August 11, 2016 Last night, I finished the last chapter. Someone very special to Timmy, inspired these final few paragraphs. This, this very thing, who and how you were to Tim, may be part of your purpose. Because of who God is, it is never the thing we expect...it is always the impossible, He makes possible, so His glory can be seen. Seek Him with all your heart. Give Him your dreams, keep believing in impossible things. Thank you for loving Tim, Tiana Colgate.  I am forever grateful.



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