Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Poetic Look at the 2010 NephCure Walk, Inland Empire Style

It rained as predicted, early morn.

Rain arrived in darkness,
The tears from Heaven's morn.
A stream of thought reminds me, 
Today we walk for our first born.

Timmy, age 15 ( in relapse this pic.)  

Tim with Corey;  he is very swollen  from kidney disease here.  
Tim in a happier time with his beloved truck. 

My life mimics the weather, 

Well, I needed a rhyme here,  and it's true! 
As drench gives way to drizzle.
Savor the smells of nourishment,
Sweet bacon on grill to sizzle.


A new    neighbor, a kid 'round the corner;
To hang with the Brother, new friend.
I wouldn't put your food here if I were you...
In our days of walking for kidneys,
And others, the day we will spend. 

Ted, Chris Hardwick, (Ted's BFF from High school) and James...Tim and Corey's BFF. 

Loma Linda Med. Center as seen
from the freeway. 

Road travels light as we pass
The place where miracles are born.
A community of caring and sharing; 
On the radio, a song of a storm. 

Tim's FSGS was
 diagnosed here. 

"Jesus, Bring the Rain" Mercy Me 
The Sun now is brightly shining.
The rain now is gone, puddles...purpose.
"If that's what it takes to praise you..."
It's your Grace that's been showered on us.

Dr. Sahney, Tim's Pediatric Nephrologist, Loma Linda. 
Years have gone by since I've seen her,
The Doc who took care of my child.
Bittersweet, the story I'm sharing,
Told with a tear and a smile. 

Showing up on a path that we stride,
A golf ball, hidden in the sand. 
Telling me son, you're near, with approval,
Proud of all we have planned.  

So, this gift is a cause for us all,
To be charitable and help find a cure.
For kidneys help us clean-up,
The things that leave us impure. 

Hazel Treviso, received a transplant 5 years ago!  

Vicky Ford and family, her youngest with FSGS 

Melanie Hunter and family 

In triumph and victory we finish,
To relax and to share our same plight. 
New families with small ones and worries,
But with Hope in NephCure's Big Fight! 

Jessica, James, Chris, Ted, Eric, Coleene and Corey. 

Thank You to everyone who donated for the walk. The fund-raising effort will continue through December 31st, so if you haven't yet, link on to my page to make an easy donation.

Enjoy some more pictures from our special day:

Yucaipa Regional Park

Setting out to Walk for a Cure 
Dr. Sahney and others, "moving to the music"

Catherine Lepone, our walk coordinator with Dr. Sahney

The Treviso Family, Hazel doing great, playing sports and loved by her team! 

This was a walk...not a race!  

Mom with daughter, hoping for a cure. 
The weather was not fowl!  
Ethan year he will be walking!  
The Walk was about 2 miles, a figure 8 around the lake and a hill.

Team "Kidney Care's" ...Bumblebee mascot

Thank you God for this opportunity to see new horizons in my life.