Tuesday, August 13, 2013

God is like the Seashore

God is like the seashore
The silky sand, the tide.
Toes sink into Eternal,
An ocean, deep and wide.

God is like the waves
Endless and on the move.
Catch one for the ride
Grace washing over you.

God is like the current
Unseen, yet instinctually known.
Swirling and guiding to warmth;
A directed encouragement zone.

God is like a seashell
A treasure for you to find
A protection and a home;
Pearl of wisdom kind.

God is like the dock;
A lighthouse searching the blue
Beacon of hope shines forth
Safe harbor in the foggy view.

God is like a tide pool
Discover the wonders He brings
A star points to life
An abundance of all good things.

God is like the seashore
He waits for you to stroll
Faith begins with wading;
A Lifeguard for your soul.

Isaiah 40:12a
"Who has measured the waters in the hallow of his hand?"

Thoughtfully yours, Coleene