Friday, March 29, 2013

Good God Day

Evil slithers in for a dip in Paradise.
Toxic warning. The deep end is cordoned off,
But Adam-man toe-tapped into the slime pool of “What-ifs,” of don’t-you-want-tos.”
Free will gave him choice
--and he chose.
Entertaining the enemy,
They coil together to reproduce.
Dry and parched,
The world chokes for the Breath of God.

God breathes
And she received.
For in this Promise,
Hope resuscitates.
Living water pours out through and aqueduct of Grace.

Evil taunts the GodMan.
Walking the wilderness of temptation,
Maneuvering, offering up…
The Flesh resists.

Evil, on its belly, infiltrates the followers,
Kisses His cheek.
The noose strangles.
Sin sways in its own weight.
Betrayal serves Him up.
In fear they scatter.
Thrice denied, the bird calls in harmony with the devil.

“Another Way?”

“I AM the Way.”

The world sleeps.

“They say you are a king?”

“Who are you?”

“The son of God?  Blasphemer!”

“Give us Barabbas!”

“Crucify Him!”

Evil smirks in presumptive victory,
Sliding through the thorns,
The slurs and mocking,
Disguised as a cat-o-nine-tails.

Dragging the splintered Cross,
It divots the earth,
Marking only one path to follow up a hill,
Planted between two choices,
I believe. I do not. 

All have sinned. All are separated.
Greatest Love bridges troubled waters of the soul.
He bled out to take us all in.
It is done.
Forgive them Father.

The earth sighs and trembles.
The veil splits and the Holy becomes ours, 
Accessible again.
The sun eclipses on a Good God Day,

A day when all will be made right, 
When Truth victoriously rises, defeating death.
Giving life eternal. 

A mother weeps for her Son,
A Son fulfills Prophesy promises,
Prepares his generals for the battle.
And the Father…
God holds His breath
To breathe life anew,
Into us,
Into you.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, will not perish, but have everlasting life.