Friday, December 22, 2017

Every Knee

Every Knee
Christmas Poem, 2017

Behold! The Creation!
So perfectly made to move with us,
Bend for us,
Take us to amazing places to prove for us…
Yet we find frustration, gather in contemplation
To remove ourselves from Good.

Once done, the joints ache in the labor.
The walk is farther with no end in sight,
Always a fight
And a longing for something
That just might…change us.

So we run, run with the crowd, the masses,
Striving, winning and losing, living and dying.
Our muscles tense up, yet strong,
Full of opinions and commentary…
Painful sad songs in what wrongs.
Our head hangs lowered, eyes scrolling.

Time finds a way to become tangible
Marked now by scars, knee bumps and bruises.
We’ve let the world’s gravity keep us tethered
One disaster to the next.
What have we missed in all the texts?
Hearts so vexed

A plan all along,
We remember in the Season.
A cup of hydration in our weary run,
A sip of thirst-quenching water on our walk.
Was He the Giver? Am I the sinner? Can there be a winner?
The knee buckles.

We’ve carried our burdens far too long.
Dry bones ache and slow us down,
Temporary solutions, more contusions, retributions.
We’ve walked with this crutch, this open wound,
The world groans and longs for a healing,
Something redeeming.

Fall to your knees
And He hears our pleas
From the world’s deadly squeeze.
What does He give?
His Son for our soul’s very core,
Oh, Come Let Us Adore!

Immanuel, God with Us
In our critical condition
He heals the infection, bring us completion,

Heart replacement with Love’s precision,
Your decision, His Hope for our provision.
He disconnects, removes all our mess, gives us His best.
Spiritual therapy is guaranteed.
Peace begins with a bowed head and bent knees.

Every knee will bow
In rebellion or submission, in gratitude or omission
And every tongue will confess, He came to bless.
Find Him today and walk in His Light
Truth and grace came on Christmas night.

Merry Christmas & a Blessed New Year

Considerably yours, 
Coleene VanTilburg