Sunday, March 23, 2014



Butterflies bounce on wind whispered wings,
Lilting loveliness in a delightful dance.
Painted preachers of the Hope of Heaven;
The evidence elicits worshipful wonder.
Gratitude attitude.
Laughter, it lightens the anxiety atmosphere,
Ballooning bubbles of boisterous brevity.
Forgotten filters set forth and fun frolics freely
Through jaunts of jokes, oh silly-selfs!
Belly busters.

Inspiration ignites a spark, spurring speech
Wisdom words, written like sporadic sprays from a sprinkler,
Drench the soul, deliver the Message.
Incubated imagination, released to restore.
Purposed prose.

Sisters sojourn in backyards and bedrooms.
Travel tear trails in twining timelines.
Branches bend, yet rooted in remembrance.
Friendship fraternity, a bloodline break, yet bonded.
Heartbeat harmony.

Savior, Sovereign Salvation Sender.
Grace Giver, Truth Teller, Love Lavisher.
Forgiving Father, Sacrificed Son, Indweller Intercessor,
Provider of Peace, Healer of Heart.
Bountiful Bliss.

And so it is, my bliss moments in five letters, yet I could name a whole alphabet. In His bliss I find Thanksgiving. In bliss, I find joy and unity with God and with one another. “Bliss”—how similar it is to the word “bless,” almost interchangeable, really. So that is why I named the poem “Blissings.” There are moments in life that define our connection to God, our connection to true Thanksgiving. Treasures.  They are buried close to our heart, reflecting their brilliance both within and out of our hearts, a reflection of the goodness of the Lord. In a world so self-absorbed, blissful blessings are not just for a moment, but an intentional love gift presented to me, to be who I am meant to be in Christ.  God is intent on blessing us. He wafts in the bliss breezes that touch my face and warm my soul. (Are you as intent to receive it?)  He turns my head towards the eternal perspective where Hope reigns. Bliss is everlasting in Blessings eternal; and for that, I give thanks. Amen.

 In blissful thought, 
Coleene VanTilburg