Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Million Moms...Yet we feel like one...

A Million Moms

Can there be a million moms
Who cry for their departed children?
And raise their hands to God,
"Oh, why this special burden?"

Oh, a million moms there are,
And a million grieved dads too.
Our tears flood the rivers
Flowing from our hearts, broken through.

Our children went before us,
So a part of us is gone.
Only to be replaced by
The Spirit's voice that says, "Move On."

"Move On, you say, but how
Can I ever be the same?
My baby's voice is nowhere;
Only my heart echoes his name."

"I Am a God of Compassion,
And comfort to you I will send.
You will have a new, select purpose;
Your message will help hearts mend."

"I know the number of your tears
And hear your prayers of lament.
Your child is glorified in Heaven now;
And their life has new fulfilment."

So tell their story of courage,
And your dreams for them you had.
For God has given you new visions
And in Heaven, your children will be glad.

You know you will always be missing them,
And you understand they are perfect up there.
To watch over us here on Earth,
As you "move on" and show others you care.

May our "burden" become one of great Joy,
A peace only God can bring.
A million souls touched by God,
One day reunited, Hallelujah we will sing!

Written by Coleene VanTilburg
One of a Million Moms who grieve their children,
Inspired by participation on August 18, 2007
In the Million Mom March.

I will be participating next week in the march again, in my neighboring town.  I will be sharing a little bit of my journey and representing  "Mom's In Touch" also, for this town that especially needs praying mothers. 

To all my blogging Mom friends out there,  have a spectacular day in the Lord and may your children rise up to praise you!  

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Triple Scoop of God

Welcome to followers of Momentous Monday and anyone else glancing through today.  It's been birthday week around here.  My husbands was first last Monday and now mine today.  Another year...moving on, closer to God ,  and closer to Home!

 There are  many thoughts from this previous week I am sharing  with you today.  So,  let's see if I can just give you some highlights, without too much detail on our amazing God and His invaluable lessons in life.

Seeing Red

I work at a high school.  I continue to be shocked and saddened by today's youth.  While I know there are many amazing and God fearing kids out there, they do not seem to be in my classes. One particular fiery red- headed young man seemed to make it his duty to verbally abuse and disrespect me when ever the opportunity arose. He eventually stopped coming to class all together.  I heard he was being home schooled.  I was thankful  God had given me more than just grace for the moment, but had removed at least one source of anxiety at work.  Last Sunday in between services at church, I look across the cafe' and see this young man's silhouette shrouded behind his hoody,  his bright red hair sticking out.   "Hi Eddy...."  (I have changed the name) I say.  He looks up, quickly drops his head and barely mumbles what I think is a greeting.  So...God, you remove  him from my classroom only to  bring him to my church, my peaceful sanctuary?  You are so funny God....Ha ha ha ha.... I am reminded that God has a plan in everything.  I need to be a part of it.  This skateboarding,  vulgar-mouthed kid could be the next Billy Graham. My prayer for this young man now takes a different shift.  So do  I...again.

Testing the Waters.  
Like for  many, the economy is difficult right now and some bills are not being paid in a timely matter. There are many things on hold and sacrifice is being made.  God knows my prayers.  This month has especially been rough,  for Ted had to take several days off for two injuries and we now have to pay 100% of his health insurance since his job no longer pays. Furlough days at my job added in,  results in a steady loss of income.
Instead of  trusting God, I tested Him by making a phone call to the credit union which I already knew the answer to. Suddenly, the lady on the other end of the phone asked me if I have read "The Secret".  (One of Oprah's New Age wisdom books).  I had to laugh (at myself) was a  duh!  moment.  "No", I said, "I read scripture everyday, the Bible."  God screamed in my ear in his loving voice,  "You said it, you read scripture...Do I not give you wisdom and a promise that I will take care of you right there in my Word?"  I had to immediately confess my stupidity and lack of trust...The tough thing is,  I'll probably do this again, and that is why God makes us wait.

II Corinthians 1:6
"But if we are afflicted, it is for your comfort, and salvation; or if we are comforted, it is for your comfort, which is effective in the patient enduring of the same suffering which we also suffer."

This has become one of my life verses.  Suffering  the loss of a child, just what do I do with that other than offer my own personal insight and experience and  try and give back what God has given to me, a peace that surpasses understanding.   Last Saturday in our local paper, I see an obituary of a young man, a classmate of our son Tim. I recognized the name immediately, for he had sent me an on-line message on Tim's obit. page during the time of his passing.  Now, here was his own obit three years later.  I never met the young man, but through Tim's life and death we made brief contact.  Friday, I purchased a card to send to his mom. Saturday, I sat down and filled up the card with words I asked God to give me. I spent the next hour trying to find an address or someone on-line who could give me the address to mail it.  It didn't happen, so I set the card aside ready to try again later.  That evening, my husband and I went to a school function and I saw a teacher I normally only see a few times a year.  She came over to me said Hi and quickly asked me if I knew this young man's mother.  I couldn't believe it,  for just an hour or so earlier, I had written this note to a stranger and God was now providing me with an address to mail the card.  Did I pray about this? I don't remember asking God...?  My teacher friend had a considerable thought,  that her friend's son and my son might have known each other...and she was right.   This morning as I was reading my weekend devotion from Pastor Greg Laurie, you guessed it,  his devotion was centered around this exact verse.  Sometimes we go through what we go through so that we can give comfort to others.  Greg Laurie would know, for he too, has lost a son.  (    Devotional for May 1st, "Why Does God Allow Trials in our Lives?").

This morning, the sermon starts out with these words:  "God has a plan and the power to complete it."
 He doesn't need us to complete His plan.  He is after all, God.  Yet, if we let go and trust Him, we will have the privilege to partake in  the incredible opportunity; a team player in His plan,  and recipient of the  blessings that come from obedience.  Are you fighting His plan?  Are you ignoring it?  Is that  working for you?
Today my friends, think on this,  "Do not let your faith rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God." I Cor. 2:5