Friday, October 30, 2015

Butterflies, A Benefit, And A Baby

It's that time of year for me. Busy--busy!  It starts with the return to school, my job in late August, confirming a date for my annual fundraiser, NephCure Kidney Int'l., and starting to plan this event, in addition to two of my ministries returning in their new season, Aspiring Writers' Forum and Coffee Break.  

What does that look like?  A lot of e-mails, texts, meetings, conversations, brain-storming, writing curriculum, attendance, posts, follow-up, "team meetings," signing on the dotted line, mailing stuff, picking stuff up,  meeting new faces, asking, some pleading and the most important...listening and praying! 

I love all of it!  Thank you Lord!  

This last week culminated (almost) with the Walk for Kidney Disease in which I am the Inland Empire Coordinator. In the push of the last two weeks before the walk, I began to feel that this year might just be the best yet. If you are my friend, and read this blog often, you know that the butterfly comes into my life often, bringing me a sign from Heaven that God is ever present, and the lifter of my head--literally. 

They flutter on wings of HOPE...(and a little excitement!)  The few days before the walk, they found me where ever I seemed to be! I posted individually on Facebook, but when you put them all together and SEE God's supernatural communication to my heart in such AFFIRMATION, well it's just so awesome. 

Thursday, October 15th: It started with a community trip with my class to the library. I didn't notice the cut-out on the chair I sat in until I got up to leave. 

Friday, October 16th: My son finds a "dead" butterfly on the sidewalk in front of our home--a specific butterfly. He picks it up and brings it inside. I wasn't home. Nervous; not sure how I am going to react, but I love the fact that he gently brought it in the house for me. I have my "considerable thoughts," but we'll leave it at that. 

Monday , October 19th: The week of the Walk, and I find my own sidewalk butterfly walking to class with tons of kids trudging along side me. I bend down to grab the glittery object, stop in awe as I gaze down at its shape and sparkle, confirming that "dead" things still have life if we see the Hope. It's missing a few of it's rhinestones...but aren't we all!  

Thursday October 21st: Another trip to the Chino Hills Library with my class, and this time I sat facing the window. Looking up, I saw them, capturing my attention and heart.  God is so good, I thought. By this time, I noticed a pattern for the last few days. Once again,  I am filled with His love and inspired. 

The Benefit, NephCure Walk, 2016
About 116 in attendance and $5000 raised so far!

Saturday, October 24th: My friend Liz came to my walk, serving me by taking photography. She greeted me with a sweet picture of a flufy butterfly and notes,  put together by her 3 young boys. They traced their hands and each wrote a personal message on the palm.  

"I hope they find a cure..."  From Jayson

"Dedicated to Timmy's Troopers, Revelation 21:4,  "And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes, there shall be no more death, no sorrow, no crying. there shall be no more pain, for former things have passed away."  From Andrew

"God please help the children."  From Kyle. 

Did I...have I mentioned that I serve an awesome, comforting, amazing, affirming, promise-giving, healing God?  

The Walk?  The BEST YET!  Old friends of my sons I haven't seen in years came, friends from work, friends from high school, friends from Ted's work, friends from church, neighbors, 5 other teams and their support, the weather: perfect, the donations: generous and the kids...the kids; they have my heart. 

One of my dearest friends, with so much going on in her life, made the trip out after just moving back home, relocated for 6 months because of a flood. She brought her son and youngest daughter expecting a baby in 11 days.  As you might guess by the title of this blog, a little walking around a lake on a fall morning just might start the process of birth. About 5:00 later that night, my friend gave me call that her daughter's labor had started and that she and the baby's dad were on their way to the hospital.

A beautiful little, precious-in-His-sight baby girl, Mallorie, came into the world at 6:45p.m. on October 24th!  For this baby, her mother and dad, we have prayed. God is Good. 

Butterflies, Benefits and Babies!  God is Good and I give Him praise for all He does for His children and all he leads us to, to know Him and make Him known. To God be the glory!  

Thank you for letting me share. For information about NephCure, click here.

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Thoughtfully yours, Coleene  

P.S.  This morning, I clicked over to my Google + account after a reminder from the site to post a picture from the Walk. When I posted the event several weeks ago, the virtual photograph above the event was a live shot of a butterfly flapping its wings on a bush! So, just one more!   God is good.