Thursday, January 26, 2012

Starting Back with a Sizzle!

Hello Friends,

Many of you know that I had a major virus visit my hard drive not
too long after my last post on December 8th. What a tough time to be without a computer! Thankfully, friends shared their own living room (my neighbors) and a co-worker lent me her lap top so I could at least communicate on my Facebook and receive regular e-mail until my computer returned home.  So, my blog sort of took a vacation for a few weeks, but my mind did not.  (well, I guess that is debatable…)

Please humor me while I catch up with my last post for “Dia de las Muertas—an outstanding day of family history, planned out by my Ancestral historian Sis.   A story of Terra Cotta Warriors and Christmas on Balboa Island in a pictorial narrative should be fun and a few other Considerable Thoughts as we head into 2012.  So, let’s get this ball rolling with this little thought-- poetry style, I jotted down today as the sun beamed its warm rays on my bare arms.  By the way, here is a Considerable thought, Happy and blessed New Year to all! 

Winter Sizzle

Packing it up, so jolly
The Christmas Holiday folly.
January turns the page;
A new year to feel my age.

California sky bright
No clouds seem in sight.
Skin tightens, so scratchy
A little fog maybe, patchy.

Off shore breeze predict,
Those “Santa-Ana’s conflict.
Moisturizer, Oh please!
Now I begin to sneeze.

Sweater today or boots?
No turtleneck or snowsuit.
Shedding any layers
When I say my noonday prayers.

The temp. today will rise
Eight-five degrees, the high.
T-shirt time so soon?
Still five months ‘till June.

This is Winter Sizzle.
Ne’r thunderstorm or drizzle.
Sno Cones instead of drifts;
Empty seats on ski lifts.

Daffodils are a poppin’
Through the soil toppin’
Hybernation’s slumber
Shorter sleep days number.

So, leave the Winter Blues
To Chicago or Seattle Slews.
Blessed to live in the warm.
Where sandmen, not snowmen adorn.

Coleene VanTilburg 1/26/2012