Sunday, December 16, 2018

...And Then I Hear Him

I watch, holding my breath
Feeling both pain and overcoming joy.
His tiny features and newborn skin bond to my soul,
As I hold him so close, forever mine.
I ponder motherhood, an honorary role,
Intentional blessedness
So much to learn…
            And then I hear his cry,
            Prayers begin to yearn.

I watch as an angel appears before me
In the garden’s morning walk.
His magnificence shines and I am amazed at the sight.
He speaks words of purpose, a Holy Plan to be
I bow in awe and wonder as He speaks of Coming Light.
How God…why me?
            And then I hear him call me Favored One,
            Mary, so shall it be.

I watch as he grows and discovers,
Curiosity catapults and words articulate.
Motherhood is fun and hard, many surprises and delights.
Settled into somewhat routine
Jotting down memories, maybe some highlights.
The reality of life sets in
Detours appear,  Grace guiding us down the hard road
            And then I hear Him whisper…
            I will help carry your load.

I watch Him grow in wisdom and stature,
In favor with God and man.
Already set to do His Will , teaching
At the Temple, he stayed too long
Asking questions, listening, preparing for preaching…
Soon He would gather
The twelve Fisher’s of Men,
            And then I hear Him announce,
            “I’m about to begin.”

I watch him lay so still
That machine breathing in, breathing out.
Motherhood is love and hope, faith and…trust.
Prayers now in desperation
Oh, how I know God is a stronghold, a must,
As his spirit leaves,
To meet God on that night.
            And then I hear Him comfort me,
            “I promise to make this right.”

I watched Him as they mocked,
Spat at Him and lashed,
He walked with that Cross,
To the hill called Golgotha,  
And one hung alongside to believe
And one paid the cost.
Spikes driven, upright stood.
             And then I hear Him tell me,
            “Behold, your Son, this too will be good.”

I watched Him, again in the garden and beyond
My heart seeking more and longing for the Deeper Things.
His generously guided grace surrounds
To heal , infuse, purpose me
With the supernatural in and around.
I miss him so, it is true,
But the promises are Eternal…
            And then I hear Him give me
            A purpose, for the time here, external.

I watched Him as He died, prepared Him for that tomb
But on that third day, God’s preparation completed the Plan.
All the wrongs in the world hung with Him that day
For He Is God’s Son you see, the final Sacrificial Lamb
Overcoming death and sin, in the blood-price He paid.
Confess your need
Give Him your heart
            And then you’ll hear Him tell you
            I love you My child, and I will never depart.

 Considerably Yours,
Merry Christmas