Saturday, December 31, 2016

This Is Us ~ 2016 Christmas/Year End Poem

This Is Us ~ 2016

January found us viewing the screen
A Star Wars chapter, and my own video scene.
I recorded my testimony, A Sojourner’s story,
To encourage the faithful, all for His Glory.

A billion dollar winner chosen in our town!
It wasn’t us, though riches abound.
Thirty-nine years married, dinner we ate
At a new fancy place we thought great.

 An Eagle flew and Major Tom lost control;
Oh those songs of harmony, we know.
My own song of Amazing Grace
Continues to unfold at Wednesday’s writing place.

On Valentine’s Day I wrote a random post
A message to Timmy, I miss him the most…
But You, God, gave me messages so clear,
A day I’ll remember of hearts and angels near.

The one white rose blooms again on the day
We mark 9 years of Tim’s journey away.
March moves in and spring is planted,
Basketball games, local champions granted.

Mid month March found me quite ill.
Bronchitis kicked me hard against my will.
Easter and hope arose in the dawn
As Grandpa’s tulips poke up from the lawn.

A movie, “Miracles from Heaven” took in
With two favorite friends, a faithful win.
After the show, a hydrangea purchased,
Butterfly photo, my own miracle resurgence.

April comes quickly as I prepare the garden;
A whimsical birdbath tweets for a remodelin’.
Getting the paints and brush supply,
Spring Break finds me brighting with my artistic eye.

We say Good-bye to a Laker legend;
Ted keeps cooking, his favorite regimen.
Turning 60, he made the mark,
Off we headed to our favorite Disney Park.

Purple rain fell from the sky; the world grieves
But much closer to our hearts and home, a young man leaves
A crown of glory is your remembrance for us.
We know you’re with Jesus, Ryan, in Him we’ll trust.

May brings my birthday, 62…no fear,
But surreal this number, my Father’s last year.
Ted visits the ortho doc hopeful for a plan...
It will be more complicated, wobbling at each stand.

The Boys in Blue are giving us cheer;
Wrapping up a new assignment in a special class this year.
My ministries a blessing, filled me with purpose;
Spent a day at a retreat, planting deeper than the surface.

My garden in blooming, added a new raised site,
For herbs and a trellis, flavor and height.
Season 7 of my Writers’ group ended in celebration,
We now know “who done it,” in our mystery writers’ creation.

School season ended with retirements and swelter;
June 7th we voted in the Presidential primary banter.
Attended a concert and went to the place
Where everyone’s a kid and music makes our pace.

Father’s Day comes and he wants a pie,
Triple berry it is, and Heaven gives a sigh.
Summer is here and my plans are to write,
Finish the book where the end is in sight.

Reunions are planned with high school friends;
I’ve planted those flowers the butterfly recommends.
Ted visits the doc, hoping for news,
But seems his kidneys have the “compromised blues.”

Writing resumes as I come close to complete,
July gathers neighbors to celebrate at Freedom’s Feet. 
The news is so tragic, can hardly comprehend...
Attend a Commencement where black bands descend.

Set the date for the upcoming walk,
And You Lord, I know are my steady Rock.
Reminded of past successes and chronic diseased lives,
Honored to do this, for more kids to thrive.

August arrived and to the beach I do head
To spend the day, sand and sea we tread.
Here with a best friend, have prayed side by side.
Faithful is Your Love Lord, like the ocean’s tide.

Ted’s pain unbearable, he continues to persevere
Until the gout finds him down; not much I can do here.
Cherry juice and patience, Olympics distract.
A week off work until the swelling retracts.

A daytrip with another, my special friend, Mel
Finds us at a preserve where butterflies dwell
The docent, so nice, gave me the chance
To release my own Swallowtail, toward Heaven I glance.

A new school year approached in just a few days;
August brings the last words of “Amazing Grace Upon Grace.”
I wrote of remembrance, inspired by his friend,
And God moves to connect us by the Spirit He sends.

Ministries start back up, and my book is complete,
Overwhelmed by the process, so filled with the Sweet.
Purchased a resource, help to sort out the potential…
But relying on God’s Word for me is essential.

September’s end is a year long wait,
Our “Timmy weekend” planned, a desert escape.
Golfing and dining, we went to a zoo...
But Joshua Tree’s rocks—an inspirational view!

Corey fishes and dreams of the day
When his reel gets the big one, a lot he will say.
Wanting a new start, he leaves his job on a whim;
What can I say, but I always pray for him.

Fall is here and October brings to fruition
The NephCure Walk and fundraising donations.
This year’s efforts came at quite a surprise,
"Super Hero Status" put tears in my eyes.

A small family reunion, new twins to receive
But their great grandpa, my uncle, for him we did grieve.
I captured a picture of my cousins again,
Recreated a time, now and then. 

Jenny, Uncle Bruce, Michelle and Sean (my Uncle’s grandkids)

Michelle and Jenny 

Brooke and Brielle

We A few more pics of people we love 
We treasure these friendships, some by blood. 

We may not see you often, no not quite enough

When we get together, the parting is tough. 

Angel and Ted 


Cindy, Malorie and Lauren 

Cousins, my sister, center. 

My friend Eileen and family 

Al, Eileen, Linda, Danny, Norma, and Bobby

Now on to November, a month of gratitude
Election day chatter really became rude.
Can America be great again? For me it always is,
But this world’s a different place; evil surely lives.

Bombings and ambushes, airports—the police
Dallas, Orlando, Brussels and Nice.
Shootings and fires, earthquakes and floods
The world is smaller, hackers code in mud.

On to December where Hope abounds
Found in each ornament, candle and sound
The Light of the World renews something gone dim
If only we’d believe all year in Him…

His promises hold true, His love, Perfect, Divine
He died so we can live, no longer deaf nor blind.
Free from the strife, the anger, the guilt,
The burdens of life, the disappointment built.

How much better our days, our weeks, our year
If the Lord came first, we gave Him our fears.
I choose to surrender each day I’m granted
To look for His Grace, and see more where I am planted.

He has a perfect will,  for me and for you.
Lead us closer Lord, what you’ll have us do.
This Is Us Lord, we cannot thank you enough
For giving us Grace despite all our imperfect stuff.

P.S. Corey’s new job, install and sales
Security devices, no longer the nails.
Pray for success and a peace from within
For patience and perspective, a smiling grin.

The VanTilburgs
Ted, Coleene and Corey
*Timmy is always near.