Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Million Moms...Yet we feel like one...

A Million Moms

Can there be a million moms
Who cry for their departed children?
And raise their hands to God,
"Oh, why this special burden?"

Oh, a million moms there are,
And a million grieved dads too.
Our tears flood the rivers
Flowing from our hearts, broken through.

Our children went before us,
So a part of us is gone.
Only to be replaced by
The Spirit's voice that says, "Move On."

"Move On, you say, but how
Can I ever be the same?
My baby's voice is nowhere;
Only my heart echoes his name."

"I Am a God of Compassion,
And comfort to you I will send.
You will have a new, select purpose;
Your message will help hearts mend."

"I know the number of your tears
And hear your prayers of lament.
Your child is glorified in Heaven now;
And their life has new fulfilment."

So tell their story of courage,
And your dreams for them you had.
For God has given you new visions
And in Heaven, your children will be glad.

You know you will always be missing them,
And you understand they are perfect up there.
To watch over us here on Earth,
As you "move on" and show others you care.

May our "burden" become one of great Joy,
A peace only God can bring.
A million souls touched by God,
One day reunited, Hallelujah we will sing!

Written by Coleene VanTilburg
One of a Million Moms who grieve their children,
Inspired by participation on August 18, 2007
In the Million Mom March.

I will be participating next week in the march again, in my neighboring town.  I will be sharing a little bit of my journey and representing  "Mom's In Touch" also, for this town that especially needs praying mothers. 

To all my blogging Mom friends out there,  have a spectacular day in the Lord and may your children rise up to praise you!  


  1. ((((hugs)))
    I love you, Colleen. I am praying for you today.

    PS I'm glad I met you last summer.

  2. That was beautiful, Coleene.

  3. You touched me so deeply with your beautiful words. I'm thankful you embrace the peace only God can give. Hugs, Rita