Friday, June 11, 2010

Glitches, Great Kids and Grammy Awards in the making...

Hello out there.....My blog has been silent because something evil was keeping me away...some computer gliches, viruses, something ugly for sure.   Well, these gliches are not fixed but I found a way  around the problem today.  I am using a different I thought was messed up  too, but it seems to be allowing me access today.  Computers never get easier!  Yes, I see a lesson in all that.  Ignoring a "problem" and going around it... I have done that a lot in my life unfortunately.  I have found though as my faith and trust have been put to the test that  God  ultimately always shines  through. I am facing issues better than I used to, giving things over to prayer first instead of last.  If I could, I would have some "Geeks" out here vaccinating and surgically removing that which "bugs" my computer, but it is not in the budget right now.  I am sure glad my spiritual "bugs" can be dealt with in meditation.  What it costs comes in the form of time, and pride.  I think I can afford both, when Peace is the result. 

I just completed my "Third" Freshman year in High school.  (and I thought it took Corey a while to get finished...)  Just kidding.  Well, of course my original was back in well, 68-69. What a volatile year! My 2nd was my 2nd year with the school district when I was assigned to my special student Michael, both of us starting out as "Freshman" at Don Lugo High School. 

Here is Michael with another special lady, Art Teacher, Anita Hunt.  Anita helped to ressurect the dormant artist within me and showcased Michael's fantastic artwork as well. 

After completing four years with Michael, I am reassigned to another high school with another special kid, and together, we made it through our freshman year again.  It was hard for both of us for different reasons.  For my student, he had never been in a school setting or classroom where everyone could "hear."  Being 80% deaf and reading lips, his adjustment was more to the outside,  everyday noices of  special kids with hyper tendancies and  the busyness of high school life.  He has an amplifier which helps him to hear.  He is a very conscientious hard working student who also finds time to play baseball, both at school and a club team.  I am blessed to be able to work with this great kid.  Next year we are both taking a sign language class together.  I look forward to that.

For me, it was a hard adjustment to a new school, one very different from the one I came from.  It is a much larger campus, both is population and size, and the kids come from a different socio-economic background.   I wasn't well accepted by the kids and some classrooms and situations were a challenge. 
God allowed for friendships to form though,  and by the end of the school year, I felt more comfortable and knew I had once again formed special friendships.  Thank you Lord for my "lunch bunch."  You always know what You  are doing. 

On my campus as well is another freshman student named Haleigh Bowers.  Finally, our paths crossed.  Haleigh's mother is my husband Ted's, 2nd cousin.  Haleigh is very special and more than talented; she is a gifted  singer and song writer who I know God is going to use in mighty ways.  Please log on to her Demo CD sight and check out her music. 

As I was leaving my lunch hideaway,  I walked by this girl sitting with a friend strumming a guitar and singing with a voice like an angel.   I had walked right past her, then I stopped, turned around and walked back to her thinking...This has got to be Ted's cousin...

"Hi, I just heard you singing...What is your name?"  I boldly asked and with grace she said, "Haleigh" with  her beautiful smile. Ungracefully I said..."we are related...I am Coleene...I mean... your mom and my husband are cousins...well,  your grandma..."  by then we were laughing for she had heard that I existed on campus somewhere from  her mom who I chat with on Facebook. 

Please listen to her Demo CD
and YouTube performances
type in Haleigh Bowers in the search box and please listen.

check her out as well on YouTube:  Haleigh Bowers:  "Have it Your Way."  


  1. What a wonderful ministry to tutor a special needs student! I'm sure you are blessed yourself.

  2. Thanks for sharing your story! I enjoyed reading and welcome to our community! Jim

  3. Coleene,

    Thank you for your kind words at my blog this week. I wish you lived closer, you could attend the writer's group that has played a HUGE part at getting me ready for publication, "Inspire Christian Writer's" located out of Sacramento, CA. What a blessing to see you are another person in our often times kooky state...writing for His glory!

  4. Coleene, I'm just now exploring the blogosphere, and I'm delighted that I've found your blog. I too have a love for children with special needs...I'll be back to read more!