Saturday, July 4, 2009

Celebrity, Bravery, Ordinary...What "Tweets" the Loudest?"

Manny returns to the Dodgers of L.A.
The Lakers say good-bye to forward Trevor A.

Governor Palin resigns from her beauty state.
Governor Sanford will not, after his great escape.

The Oxy-clean guy will be shouting no more,
While "Bruno's" extra points were pretty hardcore.

We Facebook and Twitter;
We text and we blog.
TMZ and the Paparazzi...
Our e-mails we clog

And this summer will begin
With the most shocking of news.
"The King of Pop" is DEAD!
No one will ever fill his shoes.

"Will it be Neverland?"
"No, the Staples Center."
"Was it pain killers?"
"No, he could not sleep."
"Will Grandma get custody?"
Diana Ross, a second choice to be...
It's Rev. Sharpton who will speak..."
And the fans will surely weep.

It will go on for months now
As we download all his songs.
Was he misunderstood,
An eccentric genius?
Abuser or abused?
Was he happy with whom he was
After being so accused?

Rest could not find him;
He seemed never satisfied.
His many faces told the story
Of something he denied.

So my thoughts now for MJ
And his legacy that he leaves:
Your dance and music I loved,
And for you, your kids...I truly grieve.

Celebrity comes and goes,
And headlines do too.
It's front page on our wireless
Instant info, false or true.

But on this 4th of July,
I'll put celebrity aside.
I'll think of our country
And U.S. soldiers all with pride.

For they never get enough press
These brave individual souls,
Dug in the rocky cliffs of Afghanistan
Protecting our individual goals.

And there are ordinary people too
Who look beyond themselves,
to make a change.
Not outwardly, but inside...
For it is there where
God's love is exchanged.

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  1. so glad to see you here! Welcome to blog world. You're writing deserves to be read.