Monday, December 20, 2010

Update on the Chamorro Family (cont. from blog posting on 6/17).

Monday, December 20th, 2010 7:33 AM


Ruben had an appointment with Dr. Lopez last Wed. She was very pleased with his progress. After examining him and talking for awhile she leaned very close to him, looking directly into his eyes and said "Ruben you are a Christmas miracle!!". What an amazing Christmas gift to the whole family. Praise God for his goodness.

Ruben with his dog "Batman" 

1-He has not had a transfusion for over 2 months. His red and white blood counts are near a low normal range and his platelets are low but holding their own. All good news.

2-She is taking him off of the drug that helps his bone marrow work at making blood. So how he adapts to that adjustment will be another indicator of how he is doing.

3-He will have another bone marrow biopsy done on Dec. 27th.

Ruben in "pool therapy" this past summer

4-Looking over the past year she said he has experienced almost every kind of a set back there is except for a stroke. This is partially due to his age but he has fought back and recovered each time and that is because of the great condition his body was in when all of this started.

5-She was able to give him a flu shot. This was never possible before.

6-She plans to reduce his meds he is taking, a little at a time.

7-Dr's Lopez and Hashimi both feel that the pain he keeps having is from his bone marrow working to make blood. Hopefully this will subside soon.

8-The Exjade drug he is taking to reduce the iron in his blood is being cut in half.

9-She is referring him to the Pain Mangagement clinic at Cedars. They will do a review of all of his medication and try to help him with his pain.

10-The one specific prayer request that Melody has is, they are applying for a different insurance that would be better for Ruben's situation. Pray that he will be accepted.

Ruben with his brothers at Thanksgiving

I think that about covers it. Thank you for praying. God is at work and your prayers do matter. Also pray for Melody and Durrell as they continue as caregivers.

Merry Christmas to everyone from the Chamorro family. God bless you each and everyone.

Thank you to Melody's Mom, Joanie,  for this update. 

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