Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Punctuation Marks in my Life.

What would writing be without punctuation?  Well, consider these statements:

"King Charles walked and talked half an hour after his head was cut off" ...a little alarming. 
  "King Charles walked and talked; half an hour after, his head was cut off", ...less so.

Don't worry, I will not be giving a grammar lesson here, just a tie together of some of this month's observations. 

 Statements of intent, pauses and periods. While in my Study Skills class, the teacher gave an "exit exam" lesson on punctuation marks.  Special Ed. kids aren't ususally the "take notes from a lecture" type. Hands on and visual learning are great teaching helps for those students with   individualized issues and learning disabilities.  Having my own student in mind, I went home and  brain stormed on the computer, creating  a "visual aide poster" in which to use in class to show proper punctuation and also use for testing.  Taking it back to the teacher the next day, he loved it and recopied it, using it as tool.  I was encouraged, since I've been researching this week on-line about  breaking into the educational market for writing as well.  Nancy Sanders,  who I mentioned in my last posting, spoke about how she started  her free-lance career by entering small projects within this market. Working with my student at the other high school, and now my  current special needs student,  I am finding  numerous opportunities to adapt the lessons with a little creativity and visual style, especially when it comes to abstract ideas like British Literature, poetry, idioms and metaphors.  It would be nice to get a little extra income for some of these ideas, thus I will intentionally persue this in any spare time I may have and see what goes. be cont.

Nancy I. Sanders sharing at Aspiring Writer's Forum

A Question answered
A Quote to take note of
"  "
" I think I would die if I didn't have it," quoted one of my favorite high-functioning autistic kids at school. 

"Have what, Mackey?" I asked.

"Knowledge"  he replied.

                                             Parenthesis and Brackets

This is really my work
 For many of you who know me well, math has never been my subject. Let's see, this is probably my 6th go- around at Algebra B which includes a few summer school classes too; that's not including taking it myself  back when I was in high school.  Oh yeah, we used an abacus back then.  I am proud to say, I am finally getting it.  Dividing multinomial polynomials is making sense. Brackets and parenthesis no longer intimidate me.  (please, no one send me a Soduko puzzle...I will lose all my self-confidence). I better give Mr Delfin some credit here or I will never here the end of it.  Thanks Mr. D. 

My Exclamation Point! 

No, I do not have grandchildren yet.  Corey, my 25 year old,  is still a ways off from settling down and I continue to pray for the woman (I don't know who you are, but God does!) he chooses, and that God's choice, well,  will be one in the same. However, I do have a special couple in my life,  in whom I love like a son and daughter-in-law; James and Jessica;  and Ethan is their little pride and joy.  Indulge me here why I post his picture, taken  a little after Christmas with his present from us.
Ethan is almost 10 months here, teething as you can see and all boy!
He took his first steps a few days ago and James called to tell me the news!  He has a big brother, named Fabian who is in 8th grade!  I pray we can continue to be a special part in all of their lives!  .

Acts 4:39  For the promise is for you and your children, and for all who are far off, as many as the Lord our God shall call  to Himself. 

Post 9-11/Post Tuscon
Back to being a little more serious, I noticed a phrase used by the media since the tragedy in Arizona.  We used to say "Post 9/11" and now the newscasters are referring to this time as "Post Tuscon."  It's all about how we act "after the tragedy".  Well, I would like to share something I saw on the news, about how someone was acting BEFORE the tragedy in Tuscon and let this encourage you further. *


                      *  BE KIND TO SOMEONE TODAY. 

Finally, Have you seen the newest punctuation mark?  It shows up all the time in e-mails and texts messages.  It looks like this-    :) 
May the commas in your life bring you pause to count your blessings  
May the periods in your life, move you forward.
May the colons and semi-colons add excitement.
May those who quote to you, and your own quotes be filled with love.
May your exclamation points bring joy.
 May you receive great wisdom from your questions.
 May God bless you with a long dash line in which to accomplish many dreams.
 May the asterisk after your name refer to God's Book of Life! Amen. 

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  1. How cool, Coleene, regarding the teaching tool you devised! Good job :) You have some many venues to cull ideas from. YAY!