Tuesday, July 30, 2013

And a Mountain Arises, A Prayer from Psalm 125

And a Mountain Arises
A Prayer from Psalm 125

Lay it down, surrender.
Melt away the fear, the anxiety of it all.
Move me out of the way,
Yet surround me in grace.
Show me who I am not
And I shall abide in who You are.

And a mountain arises.
Even through the storm clouds;
And the wind carries its name,
Trust in Me.
Hiking, trekking, resting at times;
The leaves of the forest, even the rocks cry out,
A viewpoint to Your love. 
Eyes capture the beauty of the journey,
A travelog testimony.
From this time forth and forever.

Walk away iniquity! Go around this mountain.
Lose your way, wickedness!
Up here, streams pool Living water.
Evil, your well is rancid.
The unjust writhe in the darkness.
Clean our hands Lord, of depravity.

Bless the effort, for the mountain…
 It longs to do good.
A heart beats deep within the core,
Purposed to bring You Glory.
May the ridges of Faith
Outline Your Majesty,
Silhouette Your sovereignty.

Some fling themselves off your cliffs,
Slide quickly down a slippery slope,
No hiking Boots, no traction.
Walking the crooked paths of their own way,
Continuing to linger in the parched land,
They wander with the dead and
The doers of gross injustice.

Peace shall be.
The mountain called Trust
Will rise through the sky in Hope
And our righteousness will become His Righteousness
Renewed and upright,
Eternal and true.
Our strength is in you Lord,
From this time forth and forever. Amen.

Thoughfully yours, Coleene  


  1. Really enjoyed this post, gives me hope to keep climbing the mountains.

  2. Lovely images and spiritually rich. Thanks Coleene, for writing to inspire.