Friday, December 20, 2013

A Baby Bump Divine

A Baby Bump Divine

Not Kanye or Kim,
Nor William and Kate.
But Mary and Joseph,
A betrothal state.

No personal message
Or e-mail gave word.
Mary did Face-time
With and Angel of the Lord.

Joseph would wonder,
Perplexed, confused.
“The Voice” in a dream…?
He’d obey and choose.

So they checked all the sites
Of how to pack light.
Headed out to register,
A “Modern Family” flight.

No Paparazzi
Shadowed the pair.
Nazareth to Bethlehem,
No Rolls, but a mare.

It wasn’t the Waldorf,
The Hilton or Ritz.
But a back room rental
Minus the glitz.

“Listen to the Sound of Music,
It’s live from the sky!”
A shepherd tweets timely
As angels fly by.

Prophesied, on a watch list,
A Royal Baby born!
(Yet His crown…
A circle of thorns).

The Wise Men came bearing
The scent and the bling.
On-line shopping under
Gifts for THE King.

“True Blood,”
God in the flesh.
But perfect in purpose
To fix our big mess.

Though Satan swings
His “Wrecking Ball” through,
The GodCare Plan
Is individualized for you.

The Christmas Child vanquishes
All the “Blurred Lines.”
For righteousness divides
And clearly defines.

So don’t be caught up
In the “Walking Dead.”
For Jesus is life,
You're Eternally fed.

Snap a “selfie,” and
“Tag” Jesus, the Lord.
Update your status,
He grants you great reward!

Christ with us
“Breaking Bad” from our will.
“Happy, Happy, Happy,”
A Dynasty of Grace fulfilled.

Merry Christmas 2013
Coleene VanTilburg

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