Sunday, April 6, 2014

Break Me

"Break Me, Lord"
A Spring Break Prayer/Synopsis

“God’s Not Dead,” the film so it preached,
God shook the earth to extend His Holy Reach.
To So Cal and South Orange, county wide.
Break Me Lord of any fear I may hide.

My hands dig deep, down through the earth,
Sinking the seeds, such work is well worth
The beauty, the promise, to arise from the soil.
Break me Lord of thinking it’s toil.

Grace in sunsets that pierce a skyline,
Gray clouds that gather at dusk divine.
Returning from care-giving, the elderly two;
Break me Lord of hurrying through.

The first blooms of Spring burst forth full bloom,
Singing of praise with a glorious swoon.
Amaryllis and Rose, your beauty re-born;
Break me Lord of focus on thorns.

Short trip with Sis to the port of Long Beach,
Where fishies swim in tanks and seashores teach.
Sharks, rays, clown fish and jellies;
Break Me Lord, to avoid a “whale belly.”

In study and call, a faith-step progressed,
Support of missions and music addressed.
God’s provision covered the deed;
Break us Lord of not seeing the need.

To the Magic Kingdom for just a few hours,
The elevator dropped on the Hollywood Towers.
Look for a Mouse and the fireworks source;
Break us Lord, of the rat race course.

Spring Break is over, It’s now Sunday Eve.
Tomorrow is Monday, the memories I leave.
In this rhyme, this verse I so penned,
Break Me Lord, for Your Grace is the mend.

Considerably Yours, Coleene 


  1. Listening for God each and every day, seeing His Hand in every thing, loving His Word to guide and teach, bringing God home with you in every activity!