Saturday, May 3, 2014

SIXTY A Prayer for Birth Year '54

 Prayer for Birth Year ‘54

Sixty, a new reality,
A mastery
Of gravity.
Slow and sore.

In lies a possibility,
The weekly discovery
Of maladies;
Skin is wrinkly.
Botox or ignore?

Sixty…bring simplicity
But continue curiosity
I beg Your generosity
More history,
I implore.

Sixty sing a melody
Both comedy
And tragedy.
Hilarity, sensitivity;
Play a lifetime score.

Sandwiched society, ‘tween
Adult kid and the elderly
Lettuce and tomatoey,
Kinda mayonaissey;
Crumbs on the floor. 

Sixty should be sanctity
Freedom and some liberty
But given our reality,
Nest egg saboteur.

In all sincerity,
I am most decidedly,
Hanging onto sanity;
Balance and regularity.
Do not slam the door!

Retirement? Such tranquility,
But not so close, visibly.
Work until eternity?
What’s my capability
Of seeing other shores?

Is sixty the new forty?
Possible majority.
Smart phone authority,
Facebook priority,
Dr. Oz, our ambassador.

So bring it---sixty!
Let’s toast you in our clarity,
Deny all antiquity
Laugh out loud with brevity.
I’ll have that second pour!

Next ten, live abundantly.
In grace and certain dignity.
Grandchildren, hopefully.
God Bless all my faculties
Until the final score!

Gracefully Yours, Coleene   


  1. 60 years of a life well lived! Keep the smiles going!

    1. By God's grace, I live. The only way to have hope. Thanks Kerrie.

  2. Makes 2014-2015 easier for me, I just have to keep my sense of humor! Happy Birthday Coleene!

    1. To have a sense of humor, it's a smile that breaks on the inside coming out; a perspective that eases the way into many fearful places. We will be giggling together for a few more years I pray my friend.

  3. Happy 60th!!! Thank you for the smiles!!! I hit the big 50 this year--sort of snuck up on me!

    1. I like when they sneak up rather than smack you in the face when you look in the mirror or make you assuredly aware that one hip isn't bending the same way the other hip does. I'm looking forward to your upcoming "Grandma" posts. (Oma in German?) Thank you Lisa.

  4. Happy Birthday dear friend. Wonderful spirit all the way through. Love and God Bless!

    1. Thank you Traci. May the spirit within this humor carry us both through our coming years, yours in continuing motherhood, mine in...gratitude.

  5. Loved your Birthday Prayer Coleene, and I love you! Thank you for leading well the way for us to follow. Enjoy your new adventure . . . the 60's! :)

    1. Melody, your friendship is precious to me, more than ever, and I am blessed to have this relationship with you in my 30's, 40's, 50's and now 60's. May it be a glorious adventure as we pray and seek Him. I love you too!

  6. Happy Birthday ...dearest of all friends! You have lived these years well...through all of the tough times, with guts, faith & even a sense humor. You retain your "youthful outlook on life" and you are & will remain...beautiful & young (inside) always! To lead us all by your beautiful spirit & daily examples. Love you & God Bless you Coleene, always. Your poem just made me smile...those words just flow out of you...such a gift! xoxo --

    1. Thank you for your kind words my old friend! To take humor with us in every walk we take and to be able to laugh at ourselves, that is a healthy sign I believe that true joy, despite the hardships that have definetly stirred our souls, is greater than all our fears. JOY is something precious, beyond anything the world can offer. Your authentic, perservering friendship, even across the miles that separate us, gives me great joy. Thank you for that and may we always know the joy and smiles and tender mercies of a forever frienship. Love forever, Coke.

  7. Always Coke, your forever matter the distance! <3