Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blogging Exponentially

I am now a "Blogger". Whoo-hoo...At first I thought that it meant that every few days or so, I would post some of my thoughts and writings down somewhere here in cyberspace and I would get all these comments from strangers and maybe some editor somewhere will "discover" me and I would be swept away into the publishing world, making a living at a recently unearthed passion that has taken on this new life; me as a real life, respected, legit writer. Don't misunderstand me here, I am happy with the articles I have chosen and the comments I have received, (although more comments have come through my regular e-mail). What has happened though is not what I expected. There is another whole world out there of Blog-GERS and their BLOGS. So, I have been reading, clicking, reading, clicking, bookmarking, downloading, reading more, commenting, reading, and commenting...you get the idea. It's like looking through a Kaleidoscope, the more I turn the viewer, the more I search, click and read, and the more anxious I am of what may appear next in this magic window of opportunity. I have been blessed by some amazing stories of every day insightfulness of God's love and existence in lives, many creative and encouraging people and more of a view of life in this great country of ours. For so many years I did nothing to further develop my artistic talent and had locked the "storyteller" away in a basement somewhere. In one of my blogs I speak metaphorically about my "etchings on the wall". It took some time to get reacquainted with both the artist and the writer and we had to meet in such a foreign land, but I feel we are all best friends now, integrating into the child God wants for me; living a purpose-filled life.

Everyone knows my writing has been therapeutic. Why is that? Why does making up stories or putting my thoughts down on paper, help me overcome my daily sadness, the ache in my heart? It is because I need to tell you what I know, I need to tell you its OK, I need to tell you that you are loved, loved so perfectly that it overrides all fear, all suffering, all doubts, all evil. It is not my words on paper that have revealed this to me, but God's Spirit through His words as I have allowed Him to use me, inspire me, and bring me to a place of peace. Christ looks down on this broken soul, cups his hands, scoops out that pain in my heart, places it onto the cross in which He died and allows His promise of hope, allows all the sweet memories, allows my giftedness which He has given me, fill the void left. There is too much, so it spills out, like a little kid pouring his milk from "the big carton" into the glass, like the jelly squirting out the sides of a donut, like the packed snowfall on a mountainside ready to cascade down. Giving is healing.

My desire for you is not to read my blog, but to understand that you have a heart as well that God desires to make whole. We are made in His image to glorify Him and He has gifted us all to do that in unique ways. As I click and read and post and blog and my blessings from God continue to expand exponentially, the one place I desire for you to "bookmark" is your own relationship with God. Go to him on a more frequent basis, scroll around his sight to see what he offers, download His love into your own heart and upload to others the Hope and Joy He gives to those willing to log off of their own agenda.

Psalm 139:1-6 O Lord, Thou hast searched me and known me. Thou dost know when I sit down and when I rise up; Thou dost understand my thoughts from afar. Thou dost scrutinize my path and my lying down, and art intimately acquainted with all my ways, even before there is a word on my tongue.


  1. What a sweet post. I laughed at the first part (you're funny), but I felt your heart and I think it's a beauty. :)

    Just popping over to say hello.
    Have a lovely week.

  2. Wow...Colleene
    I love everything you say! God has used you to whisper His love to me this morning!
    Thank you for coming over to my little spot in the blog world.
    There are so many wonderful people out there blogging! Everyday I find someone else (like me) that is just trying to make it and figure out what God's plan is.
    Reading stories....thoughts....encouragements..all of it blesses my heart!

    Big hug to you from me in Indiana!