Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Family Halloween Story, No Dress Rehersal here...

Once upon a time, a boy named Ted decided to take his boat out on a fishing trip.  He was sitting on the lake, enjoying the sun and the lazy afternoon when his line started to tug.  It tugged,  and he tugged back, and reeled and reeled.  It tugged again and started to pull the boat forward.  "Man", Ted thought, "this is a fiesty fish!"  But his reeling became much harder than the pull on the other end, and soon, to his great surprise, he had landed his"fish" into the boat.  But this was no fish...It was a, I mean a Little Mermaid, well...she was smaller at the time...(let's not go there)...
So Ted and his catch,  the Mermaid,  fell in love at first sight.  He took his beloved to Disneyland and it was there through the Magic Kingdom, and Mickey's magic from Fantasia, that the mermaid became a real woman, able to marry her Incredible Hulk of a man, named Ted.  Mickey's sister Lauren, AKA, Minnie,  was the mouse of honor. 

It wasn't long before this couple became a  Happy Meal together.  They would find a House to call there own and move to Chino and  knew that soon it would be time to super-size their little family.


 The happy couple had to let the cat out of the bag.  It was no Broadway production, but soon, the fruit was ripening on the vine.  Coleene would be having a baby in early fall, just in time for the holidays in the year 1980 and then another little blessing would come in 1985, the day after Christmas. 

There first little one came roaring in with the Santa Ana winds in late September.    They named him Timothy and he demanded his Lion's share of attention and became the prince and the King!

 Timothy was quite a handful right from the start.  He was very precocious and smart.  He loved to talk and carried on conversations with adults very well.  He was born  to entertain and was soon, every teacher's challenge,   the Class Clown. 

Soon, this little one would have a challenge, a sickness that would shiver me timbers at times. 
AAARG...this family would sail on and search for healing waters. 
This ship would not stay in port.

Ahoy mate, who goes there?

"You are a mean and ugly sickness, and I have to deal with you in many not so fun ways, but I have my family around me always.  My little Brother Corey, gets to follow in my footsteps, so I must be brave. 

Soon, both the boys were out seeing the world and learning all they could.  The family was always busy playing sports, doing church activities and school things, clowning around and having Extra Large fun. Sometimes it was a three-ring circus.   There were many good days and difficult days just like all families.  God was always watching out for these two...
The boys grew bigger. As parents, Ted and Coleene  were "bummed." We just wanted the kids to be boys forever, never having to face the sad or disappointing things in life.  But that is not reality.  Real boys can't fly but they can pray!
Ted and Coleene always had great family support and a lot of good friends and neighbors.  Some days just required some extra energy then others, always needing a fresh supply of batteries and prayer warriors in their lives.  God would supply. 

Coleene and Ted would learn many things and gain wisdom as they both got older and the kids did too.  There would come a  time when the fierce little lion would loose his last battle and the sickness would change him into something he was not.  So God chose to give him healing in a way that brought Amazing Grace and Peace to Timmy. 

Corey would continue on,  bringing Mom and Dad many more treats than tricks.  The scary masks he wore in his tough teenage years would start to peel away and underneath Corey would discover his potential and true ability to shine on.  Mom and Dad continue to always pray.

Corey, we believe with God's help, you will make a difference in this world, a difference your brother would be so proud of.

There is always hope, that out of a tragedy, will come a new opportunity.
A chance to be magical and fanciful again, drawing upon God's Holy Spirit of Comfort and Power.
Just walk across that narrow drawbridge, and God will meet you there on other side .
Does it snow in Anaheim?  Only to those who Believe!

Coleene, wife of Ted almost 33 years now and mom to Tim and Corey. 

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