Saturday, October 17, 2009

Granola Bar Wisdom

If you have been following my writing for long, you will know that I seem to find inspiration in the oddest things. If I am able to communicate God's love somehow through obscure insights, then that is strictly a gift I attribute to God himself; me...just the vessel He fills.  I am thankful he has allowed this venue (writing)  for me to share and grow because I enjoy it immensely and cannot imagine getting through these last six and half years without the ability to pour my soul out on this  keyboard, scribble poetry in my journal, and in turn share with family, friends and beyond. Yes, it has been that long since my spiraled notebooks of phone numbers and general info became prayer and scripture logs after the fire in '03. I especially love one particular notebook where I highlighted so many answered prayers, color-coordinating the prayer request with the answer. It is such a blessing to me to look back and see the things I prayed for and how God supplied our needs.  No, all things did not work out as I had planned (emphasis on the I).  That's just it.  The more I submitted to what God knew was best, the better I was able to deal with loss and cling to the promise of restoration and a new hope.  He brought that to me in a new job, new friends, eventually a new home that really feels like home, a new commitment to my church, and new family goals.   Our purpose on this Earth is to always glorify God and to make him known to the lost.  I pray this blog and other  places I share,  will continue to do that as well as be a fun, safe place to learn something new or catch a scripture God may be wanting you to hear today.  


Since school started, I have been really watching my calories and eating healthier and using the treadmill almost daily.  I am in no real hurry to get my weight down.  As long as it is a slow steady pace in the right direction, I am OK.  I have been doing that; about 7 1/2 pounds so far.  I have never  retained a high metabolism and my shorter frame seems to  really hold on to every bit.  Of course Ted is doing most if not all the cooking and he has dropped 15 pounds already... (don't you hate that!).  Well, on to the granola bars.  It was easy to give up the donut at Sunday school.  Surprisingly, I haven't had a grande mocha frappachino with whip in almost two months; I have even sacrificed bacon on Saturday mornings.  What I cannot seem to give up is my Nature Valley Granola Bars, the Oats 'N Honey recipe in the green wrapper.  They are actually fairly healthy for you, only 180 calories and high in fiber. (am I in denial here?)  I crave them!   I like the crunch and the texture with the sweetness mixed in.  They are convenient.  I slice up an apple, throw a yogurt in my bag and a NVGB as I will call it and there is part of my breakfast and lunch too! By 3 or 4:00 when I usually want a Starbucks...I head for my Club Store box of NVGB's.  Then of course, in those last waning hours when you just need a little something in front of the TV...I sneak another...sometimes taking it upstairs to munch on before I climb under the covers. .  ADDICTED...The oats in my bed sheets prove my point!  

Now comes the part where I turn this into a devotional.  Do you ever CRAVE more of God in your life?  Does He satisfy that need for crunch, texture and sweetness?  The scriptures give us plenty to take a bite from and chew on.  Have you spent time in the book of Proverbs lately; these golden sweet nuggets of goodness and wisdom?  Let’s take a look at a few verses: 

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.”  Proverbs 1:7   This is not saying we should be afraid of God, it saying that we need to recognize that God is God, and we are not…that we possess that “awe” when we approach him in prayer…
for He is Holy.

As a mom, I like this one, “Hear, my son, your father’s instructions, And do not forsake your mother’s teachings.”  Proverbs 1:8.  A great reminder that God has set up a pretty cool system called a family, a picture of Himself and us as His children.

As a writer and lover of God’s Word, I like this one, “My son, keep my words, and treasure my commandments within you and live, and my teaching as the apple of your eye.  Bind them on your fingers; write them on the tablet of your heart.” Prov. 7: 1-3

And haven’t we seen this quiet a bit in the last year… “ He who trusts in his riches will fall," … Prov. 11:28a.  And another…  “Better is a little with righteousness than great income with injustice.” Prov. 16:8. 

Let’s get physical, physical, “Watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flows the springs of life. Put away from you a deceitful mouth, and put devious lips far from you. Let your eyes look directly ahead and let your gaze be fixed straight in front of you.  Watch the path of your feet and all your ways will be established.  Do not turn to the right or to the left; turn your foot from evil.”  Prov. 4: 23-27  In other words...Pay Attention! That's not so easy in this world of distractions

You might contemplate this one as the holidays approach… “Better is a dry morsel and quietness with it than a house full of feasting with strife.” Prov. 17:1”

Are you worried about H1N1?  “A joyful heart is good medicine.” Prov. 19:22.

The Proverbs are stock full of little chunks of wisdom from King Solomon, written to his son with intention to instruct him to live life skillfully with honor to God, his parents, and fellow man.  Munch and crunch on all these satisfying morsels of truth.  Have you noticed there are 31 chapters in Proverbs?  I challenge you to add a chapter a day to your daily reading log.  What is your favorite proverb?  

When I leave  this world, I hope my children  know,  that with all my heart I cherish this   next verse,  and pray this legacy will  be passed down.  I ask God daily for the help to    reflect His wisdom and strength from his Word, that  I have etched on to the tablet of my heart.

Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”



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