Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Wedding

The Wedding

God didn’t get an invitation, or a Save the Date card.
God wasn’t invited.
But Heaven was watching.
No eye  closed, no head bowed down,
But Heaven was listening.
There were no unity candles, no colored sand,
But Heaven was agreeing
No Bible was opened, no scriptures were read
But Heaven was calling.
Music fell silent. 
 But Heaven’s whisper rustled the trees.
God was not invited,
  But His Grace filled every seat.

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Merola
Love made a vow, a promise to keep.
Greater Love is Good,
But Heaven shall wait.
For Heaven is Forgiving, Eternal and True.
God was not invited,
But Hope prays for you.

August 7, 2011


  1. Coleene,
    I found this post very moving in a "Sweet & Sour"
    sort of way. Certainly there is no wedding gift sweeter than God's Blessing, no gift more freely extended to all, than His grace.

  2. I wish they had invited God's Blessings upon their union, but hope that they will invite the Lord to join them soon. I love the sentiments expressed in this poem.

  3. Coleene,
    Thanks for the memories...LOVE Phillipes. My grandpa worked at the train station across the street. Lots of memories of the area :)

  4. Coleene, I don't know if this is a fictional married couple or real friends or family. The article is ok if they are fictional, not so cool if they are friends or family. Reason being, if this couple is someone you actually know, your article is a bit unsensitive and comes off as judgmental.