Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Sweet Anticipation"

What will we know? What power will we find?
Sweet anticipation of a fruit divine.
The choice left us rotten,
But not ever forgotten.

For a promise was planned in miraculous love;
Sweet anticipation from Holy God above.
Could we wait? Could we see?
The Savior that was coming for you and for me?

The presents sparkle and shimmer
The stockings are covered in glitter
The cookies crumble and crunch,
Anticipating the big office party lunch.

Sweet anticipation of a nice bonus check
Didn't come this year?  What the heck?
Who's strung up the best holiday lights?
Not so sweet anticipation of stressful family fights.

Sound familiar? Anticipating more?
Do you hear a knock on your heart's closed door?
Oh it's Jesus; and He doesn't want to barge in.
But He thought He was invited when He forgave you your sin.

Double check your list, A- oh… no invite sent.
Anticipating now, everything you spent,
Can I give to the Army or some other noble cause?
What if I just play Santa Claus?

Jesus comes in and just takes a seat.
I'm anxious to know what to offer Him to eat.
"Stop doing, He says, and listen, be still,
I want to remind you to follow my Will."

“For I came to free you from your anxious days
A bonus check that for all of eternity pays.”
Sweet anticipation of a dark, Silent Night
  And a Babe who will give us salvation’s pure light.

 So renew the relationship you started that day
 And invite the Savior to come over and stay!
  Sweet anticipation of hope and true peace,
     And a Savior, whose love for you will not cease.

  Christmas 2009
 Coleene VanTilburg

 John 14: 27
 Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you.
 Not as the world gives, do I give you.
  Let not your heart be troubled,
 Nor let it be fearful.

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