Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Tribute to Corey's 24th Birthday

Today is the day after Christmas, Dec. 26th to all of you.  But to the VanTilburg is a special day.  "For unto us, a child was born"...24 years ago by the name of Corey Patrick.  So for my blog today, I wish to honor Corey by posting some cute and fun pictures of his "growing" up years. It is hard to decide which pictures to I will just post my favorites and it is still way too many.  Oh well...what are blogs for anyways?  For me, sharing the good news...Good news how God has blessed us with this son, my "Phoenix" arising from the ashes.   So that being said, here is the first picture I took on Christmas morning.  This is a hibiscus plant in winter mode.  The salvia  (which I thought was an annual) is rising up and around and through the dormant branches, life that continues to bloom, despite it's harsh surroundings and experiences, a picture of Corey. blooming still to bring many more blessings, I am sure, for God is Good!.

Grandma Joyce (my mom) and Corey

Timmy, meet your new brother, Corey!


Bath time.

nap time on pound puppy                                            

Timmy and his new Baby brother, Corey.
Corey's first birthday, a "penguin" theme.

Christmas morning                                

Corey, the athlete

Corey and his first friend, Brian
  First Bike
Another Christmas...getting taller                                  

        Corey at Awana's at Church

remember the M.C. Hammer pants?
Corey with cousins Chris and John

Nap time again

A brotherly competition on the game console.

Tim, Corey and the best dog ever, "Chance"                

Corey and the Pelican (Brief-ly)...

Camping in Northern Calif.

Shootin' the rapids in Utah.    

Exploring the St. Barbara Mission            


 Went blond here, (junior high) with cousin Deanna  

Exploring Lake Tahoe

In high school here now,
Another Christmas...

Corey played a little football his Senior year at Chino High.

Corey is 15 here, the morning of my mother's funeral,              
(Timmy is 20).                                                                  
 After a complicated 4 years of high school..
and after the passing of his brother, Corey started
to make some serious decisions, the first completing
 his H.S. graduation requirements.

Here is Corey with BFF Rodney                                            
Corey enjoys cooking (and eating) like his dad

Corey and his 3 "Amigas",
the Harrison sisters                                                            

Corey and Grandma (Oma) VanTilburg

At Kristen's wedding (cousin) last spring.                                          
      Corey, Ted, Grandma, Uncle Roy, Grandpa.                

Corey, the golfer.  Tim, I am sure, is  so proud now that
 Corey has taken up the sport that he loved so much.

Danny, Corey, Ted, and Mark

Timmy's friends are now all  Corey's friends,                            
 showing up on the 4th of July.                                                      

James, Jessica, Corey, Mom, Nathan,  Kyle and girlfriend.                  
(Oh,  the stories these guys can tell)...

 The morning we went to San Diego
 Zoo, this year on Tim's birthday (Sept. 25)

Mom and Corey

Corey's Graduation at ITT Tech, Dec 10th                        
AS Degree in Architectural Drafting and Design                

                           "Thanks Mom and Dad."    "You are Welcome Corey....We are very proud of you!"

"Mom and Dad, I am going for my Bachelor's
degree, so looks like you'll be putting up with me
 for at least 2 more years."

Just for fun:

Kissin' cousins...Katie and Corey

 Katie and Corey Dec. 20th 2009

 And just some additional favorites of Corey (with Tim)...We love you Corey!  We Can't wait to see what great things God will bless you with this next year!

          at Sea World                                                                                                  
  2004 Christmas

      Corey and Ted Christmas 2009


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