Monday, February 1, 2010

...and Oh, how the fun continues to SPREAD...

The last few days, these e-mail have been going back and forth from my Sister and I...(In regards to the previous story I posted)  We do get silly...

Lauren:  Just read your "Condiments" story on your blog.  I truly believe God has instilled (ha ha , as in the vinegar) a great gift in you of writing and expressing his will for us through your thoughts,  I am proud of you for stepping out of your box.  Trust him to find you a great publisher.  You definitely need to publish these!  LOVE YOU

Coleene:Thanks Lauren.  It means a lot coming from you.  I treasure your comments.  I pray you don't just take them as great things I write...but you try an apply them to your life as well.  so many things I write are  God telling me that I can make my life better and better serve Him.  I can't help but pass it on.  Love you Coke your seeeester...P.S.  let's try and ketch-up soon....

P.S.  While I was Dressing,  I relished this thought:  May-Only good things happened to you today!  

Lauren: and the beat goes on . . . . we carry on the legecy of the Greer wit - (is this a blessing or a curse? - ha ha) 

Coleene:It is definitely a blessing!    And hopefully something to be Preserved...Others to be Jelly-0us of! 

Lauren: Food for thought . .stop, please - after dealing with high schoolers I cannot even begin to think of a comeback. My brain is all jam med up - You've got me in a pickle -  But I relish the idea of our wit being the envy of others
I'm gonna milk this one for all its worth - you've got me all juice d up

Coleene: We are so these please.   At least until the expiration date....

Coleene: Thanks Lauren...We now have a new blog posting!   Some people may think this is just a bunch of baloney. They should  Let-tuce  entertain ourselves. Our humor may be margarine-al but some days just don't get any butter than this!  

Coleene:   S0, DAes any one really car-rot all. or is this just our own eegg-0s? 

Lauren:  Do-nut even go there - my reputation is at steak,  the longer we drag this on, the more raspberries I hear from the crowd.

Coleene:You are Cracker-ing me up!  I cannot Soup-ress my laughter.

Lauren: Lettuce stop now before we beet ourselves up over this.  Orange you past-a this whole enchilada yet?

Coleene: Yes, this has Syrup-assed its time, but it has been so fun.  I am waffle-ing  about quiting.  

Lauren: Quit "hotdog'n it - you keep egg'n me on for more - you're a peach of a sister -the apple of my eye This just proves our family is nutsThis whole thing is so cheese-y

Coleene :  With that last one...YOU are the Top Banana, the Cream of the Crop, the icing (with sprinkleson the cake!  

Lauren: Orange you sweet - you take the cake, cereal-ously!
Everyone who is reading this is bacon us for more - should we a-peas-e them?  Lettuce not squash their visions.  We have our reputations at steak!

Coleene: Fork-et about our critics. They may dish it out, but we can bake it.  Many will return for second helpings. My cup is half full; how about yours? May it be our re-spoon-sibility to just add the smile ingredient.  

Lauren: Poke me with a fork - I think I'm done. - Everyone else - eat your hearts out.  You only wish you could have our wit.  Sorry - its a Greer trait, shared by only a choice few of our family.  You should have seen it when we would get together with our mom and her siblings and their kids - we were a hoot!  Great memories!

Coleene:  OK.  I m officially excusing us both from this table.  Time to partake in some Humble Pie! 

Raul: (Coleene's neighbor)..."Sisters, indeed!  Lett-uce just call them two peas in a pod.  They may be miles apart, but apparently sharing one melon,  Yeah, I'm not pudding you on.  These two are bananas. So let us not be rude,- I- beg -ya...and just let them have their fun.  

To Raul:  -  you crack-er me up!  I understand you are a grape neighbor
 - are you ready for a "throw-down" - do you want a piece of this pie we're dishin out?  I'm plum tuckered out trying to think of what else I can say.  But do-nut worry - I will pro-seed - because when life gives you lemons . . . . . . . . .  you add triple sec and tequilla and salt and have a great time!  See if you can beet this!
Lauren (auntie apple!)

(Coleene:  OH NO...What have I created?)

Coleene:  to Lauren... I do-nut know how sublime this blog entry is, but man, dare-in' Raul like this just might turn-up some more silly-goose berries,  Are you sure you do-nut want to pars-nip this in the bud?  

Raul:  Apollo OHNO she didn't! (snap snap bean).  Ding Dong...I am about to put some spice in to this bout.  It's time to drop the g-cloves and get it on.  Believe me, sister, there won't be no buillon-g me around,  You better keep it cumin or it's gonna be 1 lime, 2 lime, 3 lime... Floor!  I'm raisin my game and you are about to get peppered.  You just got Lucky Charmed cause I- hu-mus-t pick up my kid now.  So you better Chex yourself before you wreck yourself..  Round two.  Ding-Dong.  

Coleene  :Are you ready to Tuna-in for this S-mack-eral down?  Do we Ne' mo of these two (or three) Clown fish? Looks like they both took the bait.  Now we will sea what they shell out.  

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